The REC 100

One Design

What is the difference between California and Switzerland? Well, we wear the sun in our heart and we have the winter time to think and design for you. One box, one design, no comprimises - this is the most beautiful gadget you can have at home. Love it - we love it too.

One Box

During the development of THE REC we decided to offer you the best. The must-have‘s of entertaining you in your living room. Could you imagine to enjoy blockbusters, concerts, documentaries on a bluray-player or burning DVD’s on a big hardisk at the same time? We can - we build it in - for you!

Point of view

This small flickering point you see will change your entertained life! Trust us - get a big amount of possibilities to lay back, to relax, to watch films, listen to music - online, digital or in HD. We drive the convergence of web and HD with many surprises others would not offer to you. Reycom - More than TV.